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Parking in Venice is the biggest problem when visiting this beautiful place. It is quite expensive and also quite limited. But we bring you a lot of useful advice. You can save a lot of money on parking! You can find out how to park in Venice smartly and cheaply in this article. So read on.

Parking in Venice

As we said before parking options are very limited. City of Venice does not allow any vehicles to enter. So you will have to say goodbye to your vehicle in Piazzale Roma at the latest.

You have 2 alternatives:

  • garage near the center of Venice
  • parking in the nearby city

Parking in Venice centre - Garages

1. Garage San Marco

A huge covered guarded garage San Marco is built right next to Piazzale Roma. Parking here costs €39/24h. There are 900 parking lots. You can find current prices here and there is a possibility to reserve parking in advance. Here is a map with location.

2. Tronchetto

Tronchetto is a parking lot on a small island near Piazzale Roma. It is the cheapest alternative in Venice. The price per day is €22. There is a vaporetto and a tram right next to the parking lot. There are around 4,000 parking lots. You can find the current prices on this web and here is a map with location.

3. Autorimessa Comunale

This parking provides up to 2150 parking lots right next to Piazzale Roma. The price is from €26/24h. You can find the current prices on this web and here is the location

4. Venice Park by Blitz

This is the most expensive option. The price is €50/24h and parking is available here for at least 2 days. The parking lot is right next to the vaporetto stop. You can reserve your parking on this web. And you will find location here.

Parking in Mestre

And how to save a lot on parking? The answer is simple! Park on land in Mestre! Mestre is a huge city that offers countless parking options. Some more expensive, some cheaper. We found probably the cheapest guarded parking lot in the city. The advantage is that the parking lot is about a 5 minute walk from the bus stop. From there you can reach Venice in less than 10 minutes. Sounds great? Parking cost only €5.5/24h. A bus ticket costs €1. However, if you bought an all-day vaporetto ticket for €20, this ride is already included in the price!

How to get from Mestre to Venice


Trains from Mestre to Venice run approximately every 15 minutes. The ticket price is from €1.35 and the ride takes 15 minutes. You can find the current timetable on the website


ACTV lines 2, 4L, 5 run from Mestre to Piazzale Roma. The price is €1.50 or you can use an all-day ticket. You can also use ATVO lines 10A and 25 for €3.50.


Line number 1 runs from Mestre to Venice. This journey will take around 22 minutes. A one-way ticket will cost you €1.50. If you have an all-day ticket, you can use it for all ACTV modes of transport – vaporetto, tram or bus. For us it was the best option! Really convenient.


Of course, you can also use taxi service for transportation. From the center of Mestre to Venice is about 20-25€. You can take a taxi from Venice to Marco Polo airport for €30-40.

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