Anjuna beach review

How to get to Anjuna

Anjuna (map)

Nearest airport: Goa (map)

Margao (map

You can use public buses to reach Anjuna beach. They are quite frequent and cheap. Just ask locals and they will help you find the right bus. If you prefer private transfer, there are taxis available. The trip might cost around 15-40€. Depends where you start your journey. Another way which gives you more freedom is renting a bike. That’s what we did. Read more about renting bikes in Goa here (coming soon).

You can read more about getting around Goa in this article.

Where to stay

Low budget

Poonam village resort is a very decent place for a good price! Rooms are very basic. The whole are is very nice though. And the atmosphere is great, too! This place also has an outdoor swimming pool.

Middle budget

Spazio Leisure Resort is a perfect place for you if you want a glamorous place to stay for reasonable price! Their rooms are really spacious and well equipped. You also have your own balcony. The whole place looks really cozy! An outdoor swimming pool is another plus!

Luxury stay

If you want to enjoy your Indian vacation in luxurious style, The Westin Goa is the perfect place for you. The hotel has amazing outdoor pool with sun lounges and pool bar. You can also relax your mind and body in their wonderful spa. And views from your room will be breathtaking!

Where to eat

There is many beach shacks and restaurant. The two most popular places are Shiva Valley and Curlies. Apart from tasty food you can enjoy a great psy trance party here. They are both located on the south end of Anjuna beach. On the main streeet you can visit Oasis cafe. They offer delicious Indian, Chinese but also Italian and Israeli cuisine! And the have good wifi too. 

Our Anjuna beach review

Anjuna is one of the calmer and more relaxed places in Goa. It has a good laid back hippie vibe. The beach is lined up with multiple beach shacks, restaurant and a few shops. You can find many hippie shops along the main street. If you are looking for a good party, visit Hill Top for one of the best psy trance parties in whole Goa! 

The beach itself is not too long and narrow. You can find multiple water activities here. There are some rocks in the water though. Better be careful where you swim. Like every other Goan beaches, don’t expect to find crystal clear waters here. 

We only came to Anjuna for a day. The town is not too big and there’s not much to do. It has a good atmosphere, but we felt better at Arambol beach (read more).