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It is in spring that the snow disappears in the mountains and in the north. The first greenery and the first flowers appear. It’s a great time to explore places. The temperatures are very pleasant.

Summer in Europe is different everywhere. If you want to experience a vacation by the sea and you are going to the south, then May to September are the most ideal for that. The southern Canary Islands are quite warm even in winter. Central Europe is then ideal for hiking and holidays in the mountains. Unbelievably long days and lots of light await you in the north.

Autumn in Europe is beautiful. Especially in mountainous areas such as the Dolomites or the Alps. Trees and nature are full of colors. It’s probably our favorite season. The disadvantage is the variability of the weather. It can often rain. There are also fewer tourists everywhere.

Winter is different everywhere. In the south of Europe, it is still relatively warm and you will find almost no snow here. Central Europe is great for skiing. The mountains will definitely be covered with snow. A harsh winter reigns in the north, but you can also look forward to the aurora borealis.

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