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Thanks to our originality and sense of creativity, we can produce content for various social media. At the same time, we are very flexible and communicative, so we can always quickly and easily agree on client's specific requirements. We offer tailor-made services for brands, tourism organizations, hotels etc. We are also open to long-term partnerships. We focus on creating authentic photos, videos and articles. 

We can reach a highly targeted audience with a common interest in travel, photography, videography, tourism and outdoor activities. 

We can help you promote your business in an innovative and interesting way. If you want to get more information such as demographic data or tour portfolio, please contact us via the contact form or via email

Previous collaborations

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Testimonials from satisfied clients

"We evaluate the collaboration very positively. Thanks to your flexibility, easy and pleasant communication, everything was great! We really liked the videos, photos and article you created for us. You created them exactly according to our ideas, you captured all the points we went through together. We thank you! We will be happy to welcome you again! "
Podbanské resort - Grand Hotel Permon, Hotel Pieris
“ Recently i had an opportunity to work with Juraj and Nika. They were able to create photos and video exactly how I imagined. I really appreciate their friendly and positive attitude. „
Real Desert Man - Camel Safari
"Juraj and Nika make a great team with whom it was excellent to work together. Their professionalism and experience in creating videos and photos was an asset for us. In a short time they were able to create exactly what we expected from them. Very pleasant performing and friendly approach. We are already looking forward to see you again and being able to work together. "
Hotel Fairmont Jaipur
Nika and Juraj are very talented. They have left a lasting impression with their fantastic content creation and breathtaking photography. They have really elevated property with their skills and passion. We are very grateful for this collaboration and wish Nike and Juraj only the best for the future.
Beyond Eco Living
Nika and Juraj have truly impressed me with their work. With their in-depth knowledge and expert storytelling, they bring the unique and captivating experience of a houseboat in Alleppey to life. No detail was overlooked and all the content they created was amazing and unique. I was very satisfied with collaboration.
Kera Houseboats
We had the pleasure of hosting Juraj & Nika at our resorts in Koh Samui and Koh Phangan. Their passion, professionalism, and attention to detail were exceptional. They beautifully captured the essence of our establishments and the stunning surroundings, and will leave a lasting impact on our online presence. We highly recommend them to any hotel or travel brand seeking captivating content that inspires desire to travel.
Explorar Hotels and Resorts

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