Things to do in North Bali - Banya Wana Amertha

Visiting North Bali is an enchanting experience that unveils a different side of the island’s beauty. Nestled away from the bustling tourist hotspots, this region offers a captivating blend of natural wonders and cultural treasures. The lush landscapes of North Bali are dotted with picturesque rice terraces, gardens and magnificent waterfalls. 

In this guide we will share the places we find worth visiting. Instagram tourism had huge influence on Bali and nowadays even more remote places have changed. Beautiful temples and photospots that used to be authentic are becoming tourist traps. Therefore, you will not find those places in this blog post. We’re talking about Handara gate, Sekumpul waterfall and Lake Beratan temple for example. 

Best time to visit North Bali

Best time to visit North Bali is definitely dry season between April and October. Most of the days are sunny with no so much rain. All he attractions are accessible. Unlike in many other places, waterfalls are beautiful even during dry season. It’s also high season which means more tourists and higher prices.

If you want to go on a budget rainy season in winter months is your best option. You will have more choices with accommodatios and prices are generally lower. However, weather may ruin or change your plans. Waterfalls are gonna be very strong during this time as well.

If you are wondering what is the best season to see lush green rice fields, there isn’t any certain time! Rice fields in the north are split to different parts and each section has it’s own harvest season. That means you will always fine a green rice field somewhere.

How to get around


Motorbike is certainly the best option to travel around North Bali. It gives you the most freedom and it’s also the cheapest way to explore the island. It’s much better if you bring your own bike from Ubud or Canggu. There aren’t many bike rentals and if you manage to find one the bikes might not be in the best condition. We would recommend 493 scooter rental in Kuta. Make sure to always wear a helmet for your safety and to avoid a fine. Also check your brakes before you take a bike to the north. There’s many hills and you certainly do not want to experience a brake failure there.

Grab or Gojek

This is probably not gonna be the best way to get around since there is not so many drivers. You can try your luck though. For some trips you might be able to order a Grab but do not rely on it.

Hire a driver

Another option would be to hire a driver for the whole day. It usually costs between 30-50€ and they will take you anywhere you wish. You can either ask at your hotel in the north or organize a day trip from Ubud or Canggu. You can use online platforms to avoid being scammed. Check out this private driver.

Join a group trip

If you don’t feel like riding a scooter and driver is too expensive for you join a group trip. There are many tour companies, especially in Ubud, offering different day trips to the north. You will definitely be able to find one that covers most of the places you want to see. Downside is that there’s gonna be 15-30 people traveling with you. There are many different tours, for example this Instagram highlights tour.

Things to do in North Bali

If you book any of the tours below, we will earn a small comission. You still pay the same.

1. Banyumala twin waterfall

Price: 50k per person Opening hours: 08:00 – 18:00

Banuyamala twin waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls on the whole island.  There are two main streams falling down to a little pool. The water is clean and fresh, perfect for a nice morning dip. What we liked the most are the  lush green leaves covering the walls around waterfalls. In the back there is another beautiful waterfall where you can swim as well. This one is in a shadow before noon though.

Best time to visit Banyumala waterfall is definitely in the morning. Come before 8:00 and you will be alone. If you’re wondering about the light, the sun shines on waterfall since around 07:00. However the surrounding rocks and area is lit around 08:00. The path from parking lot takes around 10-15 minutes down the stairs.  There’s also bike taxi available for 25k.

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TIP: If you want to join a group tour to visit Banyumala waterfalls we recommend this trip around north.

Banyumala twin waterfall
Banyumala twin waterfall
Banyumala - second waterfall
Banyumala - second waterfall

2. Banyu Wana Amertha waterfalls

Price: 40k for adult, 2k for bike parking

Opening hours: 08:00 – 17:00

Once you park and pay your entry fee you can take a bike taxi. Round trip will cost you 50k. If you decided to walk it’s only 10 minutes to the first two waterfalls and another 5 minutes to other waterfalls. You walk down all the time. If you need a bike taxi for the way back it’s 30k. 

Banyu Wana Amertha is actually a group of 4 waterfalls. Each of them is very different. The first waterfall is not very strong in dry season however you can walk behind it. The area is absolutely stunning. Only 1 minute of walk you can find the second waterfall. It’s not tall. There are many small streams flowing down the rocks and everything is covered in green leaves. It’s just wonderful. You can also swim here a bit. 

Banyu Wana Amertha waterfall
Waterfall 1
Banyu Wana Amertha waterfall
Waterfall 2

Another two waterfalls should be 5-10 minutes of walk from here. There will be one on you left, hidden behind trees. The path there is not well maintained and we didn’t see any people going there. Not sure it that’s also one of the waterfalls. The last one is actually two waterfalls on the same cliff. 

It might be one of the most unique waterfalls we’ve ever seen. It’s very tall and similar to the second one. You can find many different streams flowing down the red rocks. It’s possible to swim here. This valley is very humid so you will certainly get a but wet here.

Banyu Wana Amertha waterfall
Waterfall 3
Banyu Wana Amertha waterfall
Waterfall 3

3. Leke Leke waterfall

Price: 50k for adult

Opening hours: 07:00 – 17:00

Leke Leke is a tall waterfall tucked away in a narrow canyon. Like many waterfalls in North Bali, it is surrounded by lush green leaves and jungle trees. There is a small and not so deep pool underneath where you can go for a dip. Sice the waterfall is not so strong you can even stand underneath. 

Once you park there is a small reception with free toilet where you can get your ticket. You get 10% discount in a nearby restaurant. On the way down there is a huge swing where you can take some photos for 100k. The trail only takes 15 minutes down the valley. You can join an organised tour if you don’t want to ride a scooter.

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TIP: Come early in the morning. Later there’s many people and everyone is waiting in a line to get a photo here.

4. Nung Nung waterfall

Price: 60k for adult, 3k for bike parking

Opening hours: 07:00 – 19:00

Nung Nung is probably our favorite waterfall in North Bali! It is majestic and will take your breath away on the first sight. The waterfall is very strong. It is hard to get close to it and we would not recommend going right underneath it. Water is once again not too deep for swimming. The whole area around the waterfall is very wet.

From the parking it’s maybe 15 minutes but there is many stairs. The way down is okay but you will for sure have a hard time climbing back up. But it’s worth it! For some reason there was not so many people. We came in the afternoon and had a few minutes completely alone.

5. Explore rice fields

Bali is famous for it’s beautiful rice fileds. The north Bali is full of them! Great thing is that there is no particular season for harvesting rice here. Whenever you come to the north you will always find green rice fields somewhere. If you want to find something authentic and real, take a scooter and drive around. We really loved area around Maha hills resort. Otherwise you can visit Jatiluwih rice fields. It’s a bit more touristy place so expect many people here. Downside is that there are seasons in Jatiluwih so check recent reviews with photos to see how it looks like during your visit.

6. Enjoy views over Twin lakes

North Bali is all about nature and Twin lakes are a place you shouldn’t skip. Banyuamala and Banyu Wana waterfalls are really close. Twin lakes area is a great lunch stop! You can find a few local warungs along the hill with views over the lakes. We recommend Puncak Bagus restaurant. Their food is certainly not the best ever but you get views over both lakes at the same time.

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TIP: If you like selfie photo spots check out Wanagiri Hidden hill. They have multiple installations including swings. This tour will take you there as well as to Banyumala falls and Lake Beratan.

7. Gitgit waterfall

Price: 20k for adult, 3k for bike parking, optional guide

Opening hours: 07:00 – 17:00

Gitgit waterfall is around 35 meters tall. It’s in a small valley and surrounded by ever green leaves. There’s only a very small pool under it and not many people swim here. You can find a small temple here on the left and a beautiful gate at the entrance. It can be reached by following a simple path for around 10 minutes. The path is lined up with souvenirs and clothes. On parking lot you can organize a guide who will then take you to 3 waterfalls.

8. Lake Beratan

If you’re looking for a relaxed place in nature to enjoy your day explore lake Beratan area. The lake is very big and surrounded by mountains on each side. You can go for a boat trip or simply enjoy a walk around the lake. It’s often cold in this area so don’t forget to bring warm clothes with you. The area is full of strawberry farms. If you want to stay by the lake we recommend ECO Bedugul adventurer camp. 

You can find famous Ulun Danu Beratan temple here as well. The entrance is 100k per person. It is often full of tourists. We skipped this one since it no longer has that peaceful atmosphere. It has become what some call an amusement park with various absurd installations. The temple is actually really small – it’s one tower built on a small island on the lake.  

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TIP: If you’re afraid to drive a scooter check out this tour. Apart from Lake Beratan it takes you to Banyumala falls and Twin lakes.

9. Bedugul tourist market

If you’re on a hunt for some souvenirs, clothes or fresh fruit visit the tourist market. It can be found right next to the lake. The market is not very big and most shops sell the same things. Do not forget to bargain when shopping here. Unlike in Ubud, these sellers are a bit more pushy and I would even say angry when you enter the shop and don’t buy anything.

10. Visit a strawberry farm

Bedugul is full of strawberry farms! If you don’t have much extra time you can buy yourself some nice pack of strawberries from locals by the road. However, if you can we recommend visiting a farm and picking the strawberries yourself! It is a fun activity especially enjoyable for families with kids. Most strawberry farms ask for a small entrance fee. Sometimes this includes a fresh juice. You can also eat as much as you want. 

One of the famous farms is Hidden strawberry farm. Come early in the morning for sweet ripe strawberries. It is visited by many tourists each day. In the aftrnoon it might be hard to find good strawberries. During our visit in August 2023 price per kilo was 40k. If you come later in the day when this farm has not much to offer you can visit other smaller farms around. You will for sure be able to find one with many ripe strawberries. But those farms charge 80k per kilo.

Where to stay

Luxury stay - Maha Hills

If you are looking for a luxury romantic place to stay we would suggest Maha hills. It’s a newly built resort with beautiful villas. Some of them have private pools and you can enjoy nice views over rice fields from your bed! At the top of the hill there’s a stunning infinity pool overlooking the rice fields below. Get some refreshing healthy drink or a dinner in a restaurant here.

Budget friendly - Eco Bedugul adventurer camp

If you want something more budget friendly check out Eco Bedugul adventurer camp. They offer simple rooms with views over lake Beratan. Stay includes breakfast. The owners of this place are the friendliest people ever!