Best waterfalls on Bali

Bali is a country that offers incredible landscapes. From stunning beaches, active volcanoes, rice fields to beautiful waterfalls surrounded by jungle. Many of the waterfalls still maintain their relatively untouched and pristine beauty. You can find places where you will be completely alone. These are the most beautiful waterfalls on Bali.

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Best waterfalls on Bali

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1. Nung Nung waterfall

Price: 60k for adult, 3k for bike parking

Opening hours: 07:00 – 19:00

Nung Nung is probably our favorite waterfall in North Bali! You can combine its visit with a trip to Leke Leke. It is majestic and will take your breath away on the first sight. The waterfall is very strong. It is hard to get close to it and we would not recommend going right underneath it. Water is once again not too deep for swimming. The whole area around the waterfall is very wet.

From the parking it’s maybe 15 minutes but there is many stairs. The way down is okay but you will for sure have a hard time climbing back up. But it’s worth it! For some reason there was not so many people. We came in the afternoon and had a few minutes completely alone.

2. Banyu Wana Amertha waterfalls

Price: 40k for adult, 2k for bike parking

Opening hours: 08:00 – 17:00

The most incredible waterfalls on Bali. Once you park and pay your entry fee you can take a bike taxi. Round trip will cost you 50k. If you decided to walk it’s only 10 minutes to the first two waterfalls and another 5 minutes to other waterfalls. You walk down all the time. If you need a bike taxi for the way back it’s 30k. 

Banyu Wana Amertha is actually a group of 4 waterfalls. Each of them is very different. The first waterfall is not very strong in dry season however you can walk behind it. The area is absolutely stunning. Only 1 minute of walk you can find the second waterfall. It’s not tall. There are many small streams flowing down the rocks and everything is covered in green leaves. It’s just wonderful. You can also swim here a bit. 

Banyu Wana Amertha waterfall
Waterfall 1
Banyu Wana Amertha waterfall
Waterfall 2

Another two waterfalls should be 5-10 minutes of walk from here. There will be one on you left, hidden behind trees. The path there is not well maintained and we didn’t see any people going there. Not sure it that’s also one of the waterfalls. The last one is actually two waterfalls on the same cliff. 

It might be one of the most unique waterfalls we’ve ever seen. It’s very tall and similar to the second one. You can find many different streams flowing down the red rocks. It’s possible to swim here. This valley is very humid so you will certainly get a but wet here.

Banyu Wana Amertha waterfall
Waterfall 3
Banyu Wana Amertha waterfall
Waterfall 3

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3. Banyumala twin waterfall

Price: 50k per person Opening hours: 08:00 – 18:00

Banuyamala twin waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls on the whole island.  There are two main streams falling down to a little pool. The water is clean and fresh, perfect for a nice morning dip. What we liked the most are the  lush green leaves covering the walls around waterfalls. In the back there is another beautiful waterfall where you can swim as well. This one is in a shadow before noon though.

Best time to visit Banyumala waterfall is definitely in the morning. Come before 8:00 and you will be alone. If you’re wondering about the light, the sun shines on waterfall since around 07:00. However the surrounding rocks and area is lit around 08:00. The path from parking lot takes around 10-15 minutes down the stairs.  There’s also bike taxi available for 25k.

tip icon

TIP: If you want to join a group tour to visit Banyumala waterfalls we recommend this trip around north.

Banyumala twin waterfall
Banyumala twin waterfall
Banyumala - second waterfall
Banyumala - second waterfall

4. Leke Leke waterfall

Price: 50k for adult

Opening hours: 07:00 – 17:00

Leke Leke is a tall waterfall tucked away in a narrow canyon. It is one of the most famous waterfalls on Bali. Like many waterfalls in North Bali, it is surrounded by lush green leaves and jungle trees. There is a small and not so deep pool underneath where you can go for a dip. Sice the waterfall is not so strong you can even stand underneath. 

Once you park there is a small reception with free toilet where you can get your ticket. You get 10% discount in a nearby restaurant. On the way down there is a huge swing where you can take some photos for 100k. The trail only takes 15 minutes down the valley. You can join an organised tour if you don’t want to ride a scooter.

tip icon

TIP: Come early in the morning. Later there’s many people and everyone is waiting in a line to get a photo here.

5. Gitgit waterfall

Price: 20k for adult, 3k for bike parking, optional guide

Opening hours: 07:00 – 17:00

Gitgit waterfall is around 35 meters tall. It’s in a small valley and surrounded by ever green leaves. There’s only a very small pool under it and not many people swim here. You can find a small temple here on the left and a beautiful gate at the entrance. It can be reached by following a simple path for around 10 minutes. The path is lined up with souvenirs and clothes. On parking lot you can organize a guide who will then take you to 3 waterfalls.

6. Gembleng waterfall

Price: no official ticket, only donation

Gembleng waterfall doesn’t really attract people due to it’s size or volume. It’s the natural inifnity pool at the top that made it famous. You can soak in the water and enjoy incredible views of the nature around you. It is much less visited than some other waterfalls mentioned in this article. Yet you can meet a crowd of tourists waiting in a line only to get a photo in that pool. Therefore come early in the morning and avoid this.

6. Tibumana waterfall

Price: 20k

Opening hours: 07:00-18:00

Tibumana waterfall is only 15km from Ubud town. It is becoming more and more popular with tourists. Once you park it takes 10 minutes of walking to reach the waterfall. You will find some souvenirs and restauratns along the path. Area is surrounded by lovely rice fields. The waterfall itself is not very tall but rather strong. It is not allowed to swim near it. But there is a refreshing deep pool around so make sure to bring your swimwear.

8. Kanto Lampo waterfall

Price: 20k, 5k for locker

Opening hours: 07:00-17:00

Kanto Lampo is a waterfall that consists of many smaller streams flowing down black rocks. It is located in a lush green canyon. I can’t really say we enjoyed our visit that much. The waterfall itself is stunning, however in front of it there is a line of tourists waiting for a photo. You can’t really enjoy this place that much. It’s more of a “snap a photo for Insta and go” kind of place. There is another swimming pool built nearby where you can relax. We would highly recommend coming here early in the morning to avoid the crowds.