Best things to do on Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida used to be a “hidden gem” near Bali. Nowaday it’s becoming more and more popular. It offers breath taking cliffs, incredible world famous beaches and vibrant underwater life. It officially belongs to Bali so you can experience the same culture, religion and people here. It’s a beautiful place where you should head at least for a day trip from Bali. These are the best things to do on Nusa Penida.

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Best time to visit Nusa Penida

Best time to visit Nusa Penida is during the dry season between April and October. July and August is the peak season so expect many crowds. We recommend booking hotels in advance for the best rates. 

Things to do on Nusa Penida

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1. Kelingking beach

Price: 10k for parking 

Opening hours: you can come anytime

Probably the most famous beach in whole Indonesia. Kelingking beach is an incredible place that will leave you speechless. You can enjoy views over the stunning scenery from the top or head down the stairs for different perspective. It’s possible to climb all the way down to the beach. The way is not easy though. At the beach you can marvel at huge waves but don’t swim. It’s dangerous due to strong currents. Read our Kelingking beach complete guide for more details.

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TIP: Come for sunrise or before 10am. Later in the day it gets too crowded and this place is not so enjoyable anymore.

2. Diamond beach & Atuh beach

Price: 10k parking, 25k entry

Opening hours: you can come anytime

Another famous beach on Nusa Penida visited by many tourists each day. Diamond beach is truly impressive. You can find a few islands of rocks in shape of diamond here. The cliff surrounding the beach offers incredible views from above. We recommend climbing down the stairs and going to the beach too. It is way easier than Kelingking. However, you also shouldn’t swim here. 

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TIP: Planning a family trip? Keep it affordable with these family budget tips.

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3. Angel's Billabong

Price: 5k parking

Opening hours: you can come anytime

Angel’s Billabong is a spectacular natural infinity pool right next to ocean. It used to be allowed to swim here. Nowadays it s forbidden to enter the area due to dangerously high and strong waves reaching the pool. You can only admire it from the top. Watching those waves breaking on a cliff was mind blowing. 

tip icon

TIP: Be careful when standing on the cliff edge. There might be sudden high waves that can drag you to the ocean.

4. Broken beach

Price: 5k parking (includes Angel’s Billabong)

Opening hours: come anytime

Broken beach can be found only 5 minutes walk from Angel’s Billabong. They both share the same parking. Broken beach is a majestic place! It’s a beach in a huge hole surrounded by cliffs. There’s an archway allowing the water from ocean to enter. You cannot get down or swim here. 

tip icon

TIP: When in the area watch water carefully. We’ve seen some turtles and probably dolphins swimming around.

5. Peguyangan waterfall

Price: 15k entry, 5k parking

Peguyangan waterfall blew our minds! First you need to climb many steeps steps leading down a very tall cliff. At some points, you can watch waves breaking right under your feet! Once you get down to the bottom of the cliff you will find a temple here. It’s literally built on a cliff with huge waves breaking right in front of it. It’s a crazy place! There’s actually no real waterfall here, only a holy water stream. There are 3 pools built under the cliff overlooking the ocean. Soaking in there was probably my favorite activity on the whole island.

tip icon

TIP: You can see turtles and mantas swimming around this area.

6. Temeling forest & beach

Price: donation

There are a few attractions worth checking out in Temeling – forest, 2 beaches, stone pyramids, swings and pool. The road leading here is pretty bumpy. If you feel confident on a bike you can do it, otherwise you can pay for a bike taxi or walk. The path goes through a beautiful jungle/forest. At it’s end there is a cool and refreshing pool with ocean views. Also go and check the second beach. It’s surrounded by majestic cliffs and full of stone pyramids. 

7. Manta point

Price: free

Opening hours: no opening hours

Manta point is a bay where manta rays are often found. It’s possible to organize a snorkelling trip here. We were told there are no shared group tours here, only a private one. However you can also come to the viewpoint on the top of cliffs. It offers incredible views on the coastline and you can watch mantas from here!

8. Bana cliffs

Price: free

Bana hills are the perfect sunset spot on Nusa Penida. You can sit on the edge of a cliff and enjoy incredible colors as the sun sets over the horizon. As a bonus you can see waves below and enjoy a stunning scenery of the coastline. You can even see Kelingking from here! The road here is pretty bumpy though.

9. Teletubies hills

Price: free

Teletubies hills are very unusually shaped hills scattered around. They look like the ones from cartoon, hence the name. You can find various viewpoints around right next to the road. If you feel adventurous or have time walk around the hills and get more interesting views.. The drone offers the best view though. 

tip icon

TIP: This is incredible place to watch sunset.

Where to stay

Where to eat

  • Warung Yami – huge variety, everything is so tasty! I recommend their pasta.
  • AB Bar & resto – good vibes and good food near Diamond beach