Visiting Diamond beach Nusa Penida

Diamond beach is one of the most picturesque beaches to visit on Nusa Penida island. It is surrounded by majestic cliffs. There are beautiful rock islands in the water in a shape of a diamond, hence the name.  The views from the top are jsut breathtaking. Right next to Diamond beach you can find Atuh beach. This one is the perfect place to swim and enjoy the sun.

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Best time to visit Diamond beach

Diamond beach can be visited any time of the year! However it’s best to travel in this area during dry season to avoid rain ruining your plans. Dry season on Nusa Penida is between April and October, both being the should months.  I would highly advise you to come before 10am to enjoy the beach with less crowds. It is not as crowded as Kelingking beach.

Diamond beach entrance fee

The entrance fee to Diamond beach is 25k per person. There is a booth at the entrance where you can pay and receive a ticket. It also includes a small plastic water bottle. Please refuse to take it. Do not support unnecessary use of plastic when traveling. Apart from that you also have to pay 10k for parking.

How to get to Diamond beach

The best way to get to Diamond beach is using a motorbike. You can find bike rentals mostly around the ports. Prices start from 80k per day. If you are not an experienced driver or a bigger group you can also rent a car with driver. To save some money you can simply join an organized Nusa Penida tour

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What to expect at Diamond beach

Diamond beach

After buying the tickets you will get to the top of the cliffs where you can see the first views of Diamond beach. It is beautiful from above! There are multiple spots along the cliff where you can take photos from different angles. The beach looks better during high tide. It’s possible to go down to the beach. Most of the trail is made of concrete stairs and it’s easy. There’s a rope you can hold on to. The last sections you have to climb a bit with help of a rope. But nothing unmanageable. If you’re scared of heights consider if it’s a good idea.

Once you arrive at the beach, you will find a small snack shop here. They sell some drinks as well. There is even a swing use can use for a fee. Keep in mind that swimming is not allowed here due to strong currents. Many people go in the water, but stay close to the beach.

Atuh beach

There is another beach right next to Diamond beach. Atuh beach is great place for relax and swimming. There are many stairs leading down to the beach. You can rent sunbeds, get some food, snacks or drinks here. There are few vendors selling sarongs and bracelets as well. Be careful when swimming. There are strong waves in the back.

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