Best beaches on Bali

Bali’s beaches are renowned for their breathtaking beauty and diverse landscapes. From the iconic white sands of Kuta Beach, black sand beaches to the tranquil shores of Uluwatu, Bali offers a wide range of coastal experiences.  Bali’s beaches also provide a vibrant  underwater life. You can experience snorkelling with turtles, dolphins and plenty fish. I divided this article according todifferent areas around Bali.

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Best beaches on Bali

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Best beaches in Uluwatu

1. Greenbowl beach

Price: 5k 

Opening hours: you can come anytime

Greenbowl beach is a must visit place in Bukit peninsula. It might be the most beautiful of beaches on Bali. It is a bit further from Uluwatu but that shouldn’t stop you from coming here. Parking area is at the top of a cliff and there’s many stairs that will take you down to the beach. The beach is not very big but it’s really stunning. There are two caves with shrines inside them.

tip icon

TIP: Come during mid tide! At low tide water level si too low so there are many rocks sticking out of the water. At high tide there might be too much water.

2. Dreamland beach

Price: free, 5k for parking

Dreamland beach is a beautiful paradise between cliffs. It has white sand and crystal clear water. The whole beach is very lovely. There are few shops where you can get a drink. You can also find surf board rentals and lessons here. It’s possible to rent a sunbed too. There is a huge shore wave where you can have a lot of fun.

3. Padang Padang beach

Price: 15k adult, 1k motorcycle parking

Opening hours: 07:00 – 19:00

Padang Padang is a real paradise. It is surrounded by majestic cliffs. You can always find some shadow here. On the way down you will pass a small temple. At the beach you can rent surfs, get some cold drinks and snacks. The only negative is that it can be a bit crowded.

tip icon

TIP: You can find stairs leading up a cliff at the left side of the beach. There is a really nice viewpoint.

4. Suluban beach

Price: free, 5k for parking

Suluban beach is not really the perfect place to relax, sunbath and swim. It is a very narrow beach hidden between two high cliffs. You won’t get much sun here. You can stroll around and discover little bays by crossing the cliffs. You will meet many pro surfers heading to the water here.

Best beaches in Amed

5. Jemeluk bay

Jemeluk bay is a great snorkelling site. Apart from stunning corals and fish you can find a very interesting underwater shrine here. It is not very deep so you can enjoy it even if you’re not a great swimmer. Visibility in this area is incredible and water is very clear even right at the beach. The bay is usually full of boats though. 

6. Sea turtles at Amed beach

Have you ever swam with sea turtles? Amed is a great place for it! Just head to Amed beach, grab your snorkel and I’m sure you will meet a few turtles. Start snorkeling around Kembali beach bungalows. One downside is a bit strong current that takes you to the side. Apart from sea  turtles coral are also nice here.

tip icon

TIP: For all the snorkelling sites in Amed it’s better to avoid low tide. Water level might be too low. You can cut yourself on corals and damage them.

7. Beautiful corals at Lipah beach

Lipah beach was our favorite snorkelling spot. It had the most diverse environment. You can see various colorful corals as well as many fish here. There is no current at all. Start snorkelling in front of Vienna beach resort. There are sticks in the water showing you where to enter. When you finish snorkelling head to Warung Asrti for a delicious lunch!

Best beaches near Canggu

8. Batu Bolong

One of the best beaches on Bali’s south coast is Batu Bolong beach. The bottom is made of rocks which make it a bit unpleasant during low tide. Batu Bolong is a black sand beach and it’s also a great place to learn surfing. Make sure to visit also during sunset. Grab a coconut and enjoy incredible colors.

tip icon

TIP: Beware of rip currents. Alway check for red flags or any warning. Ask locals if it’s safe to swim.

9. Kuta beach

Another popular spot is Kuta beach. The bottom is made of sand which makes it much more comfortable. You can easily find sun chairs, some snacks and surf rentals around. Every beach on this coast will have beautiful sunset. It’s also great place to learn surfing or for beginners. On days when bigger waves come in you can enjoy watching the pros having fun on surf.