Amed rice fields

Amed is a great choice for those who want to slow down, relax and escape chaos of Canggu. It is much less touristy. Amed is located on the east coast of Bali. You can find the best underwater life in this area. It’s a snorkelling paradise! But there are few other places worth visiting. These are the best things to do in Amed, Bali.

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Best time to visit Amed

Best time to visit Amed is definitley during dry season between April and September. Otherwise your plans migth be altered due to weather. It might be more rainy and that can ruin some of your plans.

How to get around


If you are brave enough to ride a scooter there are many scooter rentals in Amed. Prices are usually 30-40k per day. If you plan to explore the whole island on a bike we recommend 493 scooter rental in Canggu. 

Grab or Gojek

I am not really sure if using Gojek or Grab is reliable here. To be honest I haven’t seen any drivers around. The app shows you available rides though, so you might try.

Hire a driver

A great way to discover Amed and area. Hiring a driver for whole day might cost you between 30-50€.

Join a group trip

In order to see the most without having to worry about anything you can always join a group trip around Amed. It will cover the most popular places to visit in the area. Check out this 2-day tour of East Bali.

Things to do in Amed

If you book any of the tours below, we will earn a small comission. You still pay the same.

1. Underwater shrine at Jemeluk bay

Jemeluk bay is a great snorkelling site. Apart from stunning corals and fish you can find a very interesting underwater shrine here. It is not very deep so you can enjoy it even if you’re not a great swimmer. Visibility in this area is incredible and water is very clear even right at the beach. The bay is usually full of boats though. 

2. Sea turtles at Amed beach

Have you ever swam with sea turtles? Amed is a great place for it! Just head to Amed beach, grab your snorkel and I’m sure you will meet a few turtles. Start snorkeling around Kembali beach bungalows. One downside is a bit strong current that takes you to the side. Apart from sea  turtles coral are also nice here.

tip icon

TIP: For all the snorkelling sites in Amed it’s better to avoid low tide. Water level might be too low. You can cut yourself on corals and damage them.

3. Beautiful corals at Lipah beach

Lipah beach was our favorite snorkelling spot. It had the most diverse environment. You can see various colorful corals as well as many fish here. There is no current at all. Start snorkelling in front of Vienna beach resort. There are sticks in the water showing you where to enter. When you finish snorkelling head to Warung Asrti for a delicious lunch!

4. Discover Japanese shipwreck

Price: 25k (includes drink)

Japanese shipwreck has become a popular snorkelling site near Amed. However, on some days the visibility in water is terrible. I personally didn’t really enjoy snorkelling here since we couldn’t see much and there were many other people around. But if you come on a good day you can have a very different experience. Great thing is that shipwreck is very close to the coast.

5. Visit Berina rice terrace

Price: free, maybe small donation

You’ve definitely heard of Tegalalang, but no one really talks about Berina rice terrace. It’s just a short drive from Amed and it is so stunning! The whole area is hilly and rice terraces are beautiful. There is a small simple cafe next to the road overlooking the rice terrace. You can also enter the rice fields and walk around.

6. Lahangan sweet & Bukit Cinta viewpoints

Price: 30k for Lahangan sweet, Bukit Cinta is free

Lahangan Sweet and Bukit Cinta both offer incredible views of majestic Mount Agung. They have both become very famous thanks to Instagram. Nowadays it’s a popular tourist spot included in many tours. That brings lots of tourists during the day. To enjoy this places a bit more come at sunrise. This mostly applies to Lahangan sweet since it’s just a small platfrom on a tree. Bukit Cinta is a bit more relaxed spot.

tip icon

TIP: Come for sunrise to avoid the crowds and enjoy beautiful colors!

7. Get Padi certified

Price: from 300€

In Amed you will notice many different dive centers offering fun dives for those who have never done this before. If you want you can even get your PADI certification here! The prices are really great. 

8. Climb Mt Agung

Price: from 40€

What can be a better start of a day than witnessing a sunrise on the highest point of Bali? Climbing Mt Agung is an incredible experience! I must say the hike is rather demanding. If you are not a fit person you might have hard time climbing up. I would recommend choosing Real summit – it offers the best views over the area. You can also see inside the crater! Read our Mt Agung hike complete guide to learn more.

tip icon

TIP: The cheapest guides can be booked directly at the parking lot. Come a day in advance and get a contact.

Mt Agung sunrise at Real summit
View of the crater
Mt Agung sunrise at Real summit
Real Summit

9. Visit Sidemen area

Sidemen is a beatiful and very calm area not so far from Ubud. You can relax in nature, enjoy views of rice fields and watch farmers daily lives. It’s a great place to see the real and authentic side of Bali. Meet friendly locals, learn more about Balinese culture and enjoy tasty local food.

10. Go sailing

Price: around 500k for few hours

Whenever you visit a beach in Amed area someone will surely approach you with an offer to go sailing. For a really good price you can spend a few hours and watch sunset from the sea. It is a perfect romantic evening or a fun activity for families. You can either sail around the coast and make a few snorkelling stops on the way or choose to go a bit further to the open sea.

Where to stay

Sky Dancer Villa

Staying at Sky Dancer Villa is a perfect option if you are looking for a calm relaxed places. They only have few rooms with sea view. The property is located right on the beach. There’s a wonderful pool where you can easily spend all day. And the price is more than reasonable!

Where to eat

Bali fresh juice
Warung Asri
Amed restaurant
Warung Asri